What's the best place to link to a related document?

Hi there,
I often store together a news story about a scientific research finding and the original research paper the news refers to.

Where would be the best place to set a link in the document to the other referring document (e.g. a linked reference in the finder comments in the info pane) in Devonthink, so that I see, that I have the other document already stored in my database and could open it immediately.

There so many annotation fields, I’m interested in your experiences.

You could e.g. add an annotation (see Annotation & Reminders inspector) containing the news story to the research paper, then you don’t have to link anything on your own.

I think I like it more, when there is a link in a news article that brings me to the research paper in my database. Which annotation field would be the best to store the link (in German Verweis)? Or perhaps as linked title in the article directly?

You could paste the item link indeed into the news article, depending on its file format.

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