What's the menu command for "Lookup"

Bill often mentions the Lookup command, used to find exact locations in original documents using cue strings, which he writes as
which presumably means to press the Command Key and the Slash key together. This results in a beep and no action for me (probably to do with the fact that I use a JIS rather than a US keyboard). Where can I find the equivalent command in the menus?

The Lookup (Command-/ on US keyboards) command is in the Services menu.

Thanks, Greg. Lookup… wasn’t in my Services menu, but going into the Services Preferences rectified that. It’s difficult to tell in the Services Preferences what the various Services do and what application they’re associated with, so I can only assume that I removed that command from my menu long ago.
Fortunately, now that the command is restored to the menu, the keyboard shortcut works fine, just as on a US keyboard. Thanks again.

I know what you mean-I’ve been wanting to put in a feature request to have some of the DEVONthink Services menu commands renamed to better indicate what application they work with (Lookup in DEVONthink instead of just Lookup).


I was temporarily confused by DT and DA both having generically named Lookup… services…