What's the quickest way to save from firefox to DT Pro?

I want to be able to send a page I’m viewing from Firefox to DT Pro, using the keyboard, and using preferable a one or two step process.

I want to do this from within Firefox, w/o app switching to DT. I don’t want to have to use the mouse, pull down a menu, anything like that. Plus, I’d prefer that when I send the file, I don’t get a dialog box asking where it should go…

I read another post about the new Firefox scripts that came along with DT Pro t.3 beta… but I have no idea where they are. Can’t find them in the DMG nor elsewhere, so if my answer is in there, that’s fine, once I can find them.

This has got to be doable, right? I’ve been spending an unseemly amount of time trying to figure it out…

thanks for anyone’s great idea…

You definitely want to use the Applescript for Firefox, which got installed here:


You should see several “Add xxx to DEVONthink” scripts.

I’m using a modified version of the Safari script, which gives me notification via Growl of whether the import succeeded or not.


Thanks for your response… but it just ain’t working like that.

I checked my scripts folder, user and library, no such script.

Thinking a reinstallation might help, I did this. In the mounted image the DT file, I searched the “extras” – no sight of any FIrefox script.

Then it gets weird. I found that internal to the application package, there’s a Firefox folder with a script in it. But how do you access it to run it? Can’t find it in any menu.

So I made a copy of it and put it in a script folder, and when I run it I get an error message that says “Camino” isn’t open. Sure enough, I open the script, and read the code, and – it has a line that calls for the word “Camino” if there’s an error.

Now I know absolutely nada about Applescript, but I’m pretty sure that having a Camino error message makes no sense.

It seems to me that this is a beta, and the Firefox script wasn’t made accessible for a reason… didn’t work? And but there’s the remnants of the hinky script in the package.

Sorry for the long post, but my problem remains. has anyone used a script for Firefox, and found it to work? If so, where did you get it, how do you install it, etc.

Or if there is some other method, automator, quicksilver, anything, please let me know. thanks again

I am running DTPO 1.3b2.

Look in:

Also start FireFox and then, with it as the frontmost app, check the script menu.

I also get the “Camino” or no “window open” error when attempting to use either script.

I am running an Intel-optimized version of FF called BonEcho, if that matters.

Please ensure that you’ve installed the scripts for third-party applications via Help > Install Add-ons… You could also use the bookmarlets (see Extras folder of disk image) to store links/web archives.

I reinstalled the DT Pro beta, and the Firefox scripts are available in the menu now. Still they don’t work. They return error messages whether I try to save a link or archive. When I try to save an archive, the msg says “no camino window open”

When I run the Bon Echo release, the scripts down appear in the menu. I’m not sure if the bookmarklets are intended to work for FF, but I can get them to.

Thanks again to everyone one for responses. I’ll be so happy if I get this to function correctly.

I’m also having exactly the same problem. There are 2 Firefox scripts showing up, in the script menu when Firefox is the front application, but when I chose either script, I get an alert window that says: “Camino - No window open.”

Methinks something’s amiss…

Just tried the same on my MacBook Pro. Same result, no love. :frowning:

That’s just a wrong error message - “Camino” should be “Firefox”. But both scripts require a browser window as the frontmost window.

I guess it’s because I’m using Bon Echo, but I can’t make this work either. It’s driving me nuts. Guess I’ll have to figure out enough about scripts to make an edit to it?

Also, is there any way to default to web archives rather than links if I drag a url from FireFox to DevonThink on the dock?

Firefox is not based on Safari’s Webkit, but the Gecko engine.

Firefox doesn’t use webarchives.
The script would have to use webkit to open the link, load the content and save it as a webarchive, AFAIK. Not sure how that might work actually…

The latest release contains both a script to add a web archive from Firefox and a bookmarklet. DTP has of course to download & create the archive on its own as the only scriptable browser providing access to web archive data is DEVONagent :-/

I just want the option for a dragged url to auto create an archive instead of having to do it myself in the database from a url. Yojimbo, SOHO, etc. do this just fine based on a preference pane setting. This is done by the database itself as Christian’s post notes.

I’ll try the bookmarklet, it seems to me BonEcho is creating an error because the program is not referred to as FireFox somewhere in the automated script process, but I say that as someone who has remained ignorant of scripting for too long!

That would be a handy setting in DT.

I use Firefox extensively; Safari and DevonAgent just don’t meet my browsing needs. I add URLs by dragging a page onto the DT dock icon, which works just fine for me – except I almost invariably want a webarchive, not a URL, added to the database. URL records just aren’t searchable the way Web Archives are.

Any chance something like “AutoCreate Web Archives for Imported URLs” could be added to the DT preferences?

Not wanting to shoot my mouth off where I can’t put out, I should really keep quiet. But that really sounds like an ideal candidate for scripting.

Here’s a question: why all the focus on webarchives? I use them occasionally, but my needs are primarily textual. I like to use the Safari script “save page to DEVONthink.” It keeps my database smaller and allows me to easily trash the unnecessary stuff that gets trundled along in a webarchive. There are, of course, times when only a webarchive will do. In my case (and I suspect for many other people as well) saving a web page is much wiser than a webarchive.

Sure, except that dragging and dropping is very quick, while running a script means navigating a menu (unless you have a hotkey for it obviously).
The idea is to make the default behavior be the most convenient for the user. Since DT is a database, it seems sensible that dragging a URL onto the dock icon would archive (create a copy of) the page, rather than bookmark (create a record for the URL) it.

I’m sorry; I should have specified. I meant that it sounds like an ideal candidate for a script within DEVONthink Pro. Go ahead and drag from your browser to your DEVONthink window. Later, after your browsing session is over, for instance, run a script in DEVONthink that will convert all the newly-dragged URLs into webarchives. That way you get the ease of dragging, and only have to do the extra step when it is convenient and you’ve got a bunch of URLs queued up.

I’m too tired to explain clearly, perhaps. The point is to drag when dragging is convenient and to navigate a menu only once (in DT) per X number of URLs.

Well, a script is fine, a bookmarklet perhaps even better. Best of all perhaps, a setting like many other notebook utilities that offer the choice.

In my personal worksystem, a plain url is not preferable to an archive in DevonThink. There’s the previously mentioned factor of searching, the fact that anything I archive is meant to be kept or read in it’s current form, and the last is that I do not like using DevonThink as a bookmark organizer. It’s not suited to my particular needs for remembering sites the way something like del.ici.ous is, another reason I prefer the websurfing experience of FireFox.

It’s not a dealbreaker, merely an annoyance, and one that seems to be fairly common in thought as I do notice the option in many database/notebook programs. I wish the world was perfect and FireFox worked as easily with my favorite database :smiley:

Just to be clear, there are actually three options:

  1. URL

  2. Saved page

  3. Web archive

For most of my personal research, the saved page is much smaller than the Webarchive and contains all the relevant data. Saving the URL, of course, is just a bookmark. Currently, DEVONthink Pro provides Firefox scripts for webarchive, but not saving a page.

I’m still getting no window open as an error. Does anyone know what would need to be changed in the applescript to make this work in BonEcho? I really can’t tell by looking at it. EagleFiler has a grab built in now for any FireFox variation, but they used to use a script that worked with FireFox/BonEcho, I don’t know if I could modify that to work here too?

Does this script work fine for the other people using regular FireFox?