What's the status on DT syncing?


in the beginning of 2010 Devon Tech posted this to their blog:

[size=85]“Internally DEVONthink 2.0 public beta 8 brings many changes for the upcoming iPhone client as well as MobileMe, WebDAV, and LAN/WLAN based synchronization. While the iPhone client will enable users to transfer selected parts of databases to their iPhone, view and search them on-the-go, and add new documents, the synchronization module will make it possible to reliably synchronize databases between local Macs or, using MobileMe or any other WebDAV server, between any Mac with an Internet connection.”[/size]

What is the status of this? We are currently really thinking about getting rid of DT because of it’s missing sync capabilities. We have to use DT from multiple workstations and since that is still not supported, we have to look for alternatives. But we would hate to have to do so.

Any heads up on this issue?


The developer responsible for the sync module left us this spring but a new developer has already taken up on this and is working 24/7 on getting it ready. We envision to have an internal alpha running stable before the end of the year. But we want to do it right and not push anything premature out into the wild as we’re playing with your valuable data here and a synchronization gone bad can easily wipe out the last traces of your documents.

If the developer gets a bit of sleep every few days, that might help ensure good quality. :open_mouth:

Understood. Just wanted to know what’s happening. Good to know you have someone working on it. Oh, and let him sleep every once in a while :smiley:

Rob is an insomniac :wink:

Can I just encourage the DT programmers to stay up late :slight_smile:

The iphone app goes someway to dealing with my problems, but it is not the full synch answer.
Anyway, keep up the good work!