What's up??

Well, I haven’t posted to this forum in a long while. But I still use DTPro extensively. So what’s up with this ‘invitation’ for Feb. 24th? I assume the unveiling of the non-beta DT? With a upgrade fee? I haven’t been paying much attention, just using DT and working hard. I have the latest beta and like it well. It’s made DT much more productive for me.

Anyway, just wonder what the heck is up with this email. Hi Bill! Hope life is treating you well.


I’m curious, too! Can’t wait to find out! Maybe we’ll get some hints dropped before then.

Hi, Alexandria. 24 February will be party time for us in DEVONtechnologies, so break out the champagne.

Life is good! Right now there’s enough snow on the ground to make it inconvenient to leave my log cabin in the woods. But as I’ve got 4-wheel drive, I’ll brave it tomorrow to go to Brownie’s Family Restaurant at Bean Blossom, Indiana. Friday is fried catfish day, and Brownie’s is as good as it gets.

Bill, I used to work for a company where we would have our district meetings in Nashville, IN. We always stayed at a lodge on Rt 46, north side of the road as you head into Nashville from Columbus. They had the very best fried biscuits and apple butter I ever tasted. It’s probably been 20-25 years since I was there, but the thought of them still makes my mouth water!

Sounds lovely! We have had hardly any snow, which is unusual for us. I’m now living in Ashland, Oregon, moved from Portland. We love it down here. In two months we are moving to a country setting with 6 acres. Can’t wait!

Well, I hope we all have something to celebrate on Feb. 24th. I didn’t use DT for a while, but came back to it, as I always do. It’s certainly gotten more usable for me, so I love the changes. Am intrigued about all the mystery, which I suppose is the point, eh? :wink:

Glad you are doing well!


@ Greg: Yes, the apple butter here in Brown County, IN is the best I’ve ever tasted anywhere. Good biscuits, too!

Biscuits smothered in sausage gravy is another Good Thing at Brownie’s, and really tasty.

Fortunately, I’ve got very good cholesterol readings. :slight_smile:

Just a day and some to go. Can’t wait to hear the news!! Any spoilers, hints, etc.? Please? :slight_smile:

My guess:

  1. Devonthink Pro finally out of beta and discounted for new users – thus screwing those of us who put our money down early?

  2. Devonthink Pro announces new interface, the love-child of the Panic team, Jonny Ive and Dieter Rams.

  3. Devonthink bought by Google with its amazing algorithms going live across the interwebs…

My money’s on the first of these… :frowning:

I’d prefer Microsoft or (even better) Apple :wink:

It is already february the 24th. Lets strat the celebration! (Of what?).

Have a wonderful day!

I waited yesterday till after midnight, nothing. I wake up today and first thing I do is come to the website, still nothing. Nothing in my email…

I hope I have the address of this party right! :smiley:

““The Wait is Over”
Time:10:00AM Wednesday, February 24th
Location:DEVONtechnologies Web Site”

I assume that the time is EST.

Hi Greg
Where did you receive this? E-mail? I have not received any notification.

Granted, I did not sign up for anything “extra”, since I was already signed for Devon newsletter, and I thought it was the same info… I did receive the invitation weeks ago…

Maybe I am missing something, or I have a crappy email server that delivers late…

I don’t know if the actual times were in the notification email or not, and I’ve deleted the email. I saw it in a Facebook event invite-don’t know if this link will work outside of my FB account or not? link

Hi Greg

I saw the link OK. The invitation states ID, USA. That’s Idaho, which observes Mountain and Pacific times, so maybe this will be at 12pm or 1pm EST. My guess would be 1pm EST…

Anyone from Devon could clarify? Maybe they are getting all dressed up for the party… :laughing:

The party has started, in that the 2.0 release versions are now available for download! :mrgreen:

There is a link in News, to enter the party! Haven’t click it, going there now!

Hmmm… looks like my No. 1 -

  • was correct. Surprise, surprise. Early adopters = mugs. That’s the last time I’ll buy early!

Checked my receipts from 14 months ago and I see I paid $30 to upgrade to 2.0. I’m in no great financial situation but I hardly think $3.00 equates to a “screwing”.