When 1.9 and DT Pro?? ;-)

First of all, hello everyone, I just registered in this forum and this is my first post … I never do forums, but this app has become central to my professional life (freelance science journalist) so I just had to get involved with offering feedback, feature suggestions, and, of course, copious praise to the developers of DT for writing the app I’ve been looking for for years!!!  ;)

Partly because DT is now the workhorse for my journalism work, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of DT Pro and DT 1.9 for months now … I’m really looking forward to some of the features I’ve seen mentioned in these forums.  Any hint on when these releases will finally be out??  Seems like it’s been “very soon” for a long time now… (no criticism there, just eagerness!)

Thanks.  Looking forward to the continued development of this great software!

Thank you for the feedback!

DN 1.1, DT 1.9 and the public beta of DT Pro will be released at the end of the month (DT 1.9 is currently around 95% complete, the public beta of DT Pro around 90%).

Note: As we’ve decided to skip v1.8.2 and to develop v1.9 and DT Pro concurrently, this needs of course more time but hopefully this huge step will be worth the effort.

Great, thanks for letting me (and all of us) know!  Eagerly looking forward to it.  I have a lot of ideas for suggestions for DT, but I’ll wait and see what changes there are in 1.9 first.

All three releases will probably arrive two weeks later as there’s still some work left to do and I’m not sure if it’s still possible to release DN 1.1, DT 1.9 and DT Pro this month (as two of us have been quite busy while relocating lately). However, at least DN 1.1 and DT 1.9 are already 99% complete.

Sorry :-/

Okay, thanks for the update.  I’ll be the first to download 1.9 once it’s out (or at least I’ll try to be! :wink:) and I’m looking forward to trying out Pro.

Keep up the great work!