When a PDF document becomes small size

As I am using DT Pro Office, something happened to me today which had already once or twice with DT Pro months ago, but not recenty. I wonder if there is an explanation.

I imported a PDF document. Nothing big: four pages of text, light, imported from my desktop using the Import function in DTP Office -I do it quite often. I check the document. Some time later, I put the original in th trash.

Two hours later, I wanted to check something in that document. As I access it in DT, it has been reduced to a very small size - not a thumbnail, but not far from it, really well below a size which makes a document readable. I ctrl-click in order to put the document to “real size” - and I discover that it is real size, I have to make it larger using the zoom. Other PDF documents in the same folder are not affected.

Fortunately, I had not yet emptied the trash: I recover the original, import it again after deleting the problematic copy. Then I send again the original to trash. This time, everything seems fine: I have closed and reopened DT, now the PDF document always shows its real, normal size, and not a small size.

Do you know what can cause such a behavior, and how to prevent it? Obviously, it has nothing to do with the document itself, otherwise the problem would have been reproduced at the time of the second import.

An Index-captured PDF would behave as you described, if the original PDF were deleted in the Finder or moved to a different volume (which would break the Path established during Index-capture). When files are indexed there’s a blue circle containing a white lightning-bolt symbol following the Name of the document in the database.

Import-capture copies the file into the database (with the exception of .doc Word files). After a file has been copied into the database, it’s safe to delete the original file in the Finder (except Word files). However, if the Path to the copied PDF were changed by deleting or modifying it, the database will show only the icon of the PDF – even though the PDF is still safely stored in the internal Files folder.

Caveat: read online Help or the user documentation about ‘unknown’ file types. Regardless of the mode of capture, ‘unknown’ file types will be ignored unless the option to capture them is checked in Preferences > Import - Files.

It was Import-Capture. I had made one modification, but only in the comments, where I had inserted the URL from which the original PDF had been downloaded. But I doubt this may have caused the problem, since I did it again after re-importing, and there has been no problem this time (I have just checked it again, it shows correctly). Maybe some detail I did not notice.

Thank you anyway - and also for reminding us about the behavior of Word documents, something one could easily overlook!