When can I use the Web Archive?

If I know correctly, the Web Archive is a local copy of a web page.
That means if I’m not connected to the Internet, I’m supposed to be able to read the same page.
To test that, I unplugged the cable and tried to open web archives.
Well, I couldn’t see some of web pages.

Is there any general tips to decide whether I need to use web archive or PDF or RTF?

This is just one sample URL that I can’t browse by using local copy.
reuters.com/article/domestic … 1120090123

Your URL displays a news article. I captured that page as WebArchive. I can read it wether I’m online or offline.

The news article was about business in Las Vegas. It’s a two-part story, only the first part of which is visible on the page.

That’s why I wouldn’t capture that page as WebArchive, HTML or PDF. Instead, I simply chose the printer-friendly option, which displayed the complete article, selected the article content and captured it as a rich text document. I do almost all captures from the Web as rich text, eliminating extraneous material.

Can you see the first page of that article?
It’s strange, bcz even I can’t see any portion of the article with the web archive of that link. The screen shot is attached.

Anyway, as you mentioned, RTF(D) would be a best option specially when the article has multiple pages.

Thank you so much for your reply.