When doing Time Machine backups, does DTPO need to be closed


As per the title, does Time Machine back up DTPO when it’s open or does it need to be (or is it better that it’s) closed.

I generally have it the external HDD plugged in when I’m at the desktop and let it do its stuff according to its schedule, but am I negating the point of the backup if DTPO is running when the backup is being made?

Thanks in advance.

No, it doesn’t have to be closed. Time Machine works in a snapshot style fashion, so it captures the data from a point in time, not a continuous stream of backup data. (And yes, this is the best and most data-safe method with our databases in the backups, part of why we advocated it.) The changes you make while a backup is running will be captured on the next backup, in an hour if the drive is still connected.

Great, that’s what I thought. I’m also looking at Arq for off-site security, and as I understand it that works via snapshot methodology as well.

Yep, it does (and our company president has successfully used it for some time). Cheers!