When dtBase files became.... Finder folders......

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering some trouble with this however wonderful app : after some testing of DT Pro, I wanted to open my test dtBase with the Personal Edition in order to see the differences : well I guess you can’t do that…! but from now on the dtBase files appears as simple finder folders and of course I can neither “open with” nor “information/open with”. The only way it works now is by select file/open in DTP.
Is there a way to come back to the previous state (of grace) :unamused: ?

Thanks for your help and happy new year, :wink:


And a Happy New Year to you, Stephane.

Make certain that DT Pro has been quit. In the Finder, select (don’t open) the folder containing your database.

Press Command-I to open the folder’s Info panel. Change the filename by adding this suffix: “.dtBase” exactly (without the quotes). Press Return and close the Info panel.

That should do it.