When editing PDFs, linked parts marked with gray straps?

when editing pdf files containing links, if choosing inserting text box or arrowhead, the links will be covered with some grey lines like in the picture. but if choosing highlight, then nothing happens. (please see attached 2 pics)
my question is,

is this normal?
anyway to disable the appearance or change the look?
why only showing it when inserting text,etc. but not highlighting?

thanks for any reply.

There is nothing wrong here. Those markers indicate links and/or Link annotations. They display when using the Annotation Selection tool or the Document > Links inspector is opened.
And no, you can’t change the appearance.

thanks so much for the quick reply.

could you also explain what this is designed for? in my case the marker wont show when Links inspector is opened but only when using annotation. why using annotations would call for markers on the links? what is the purpose of it?


Because there’s no visible indicator for the Link annotation, unlike theres like Note or Highlight annotations.