When file export fails - Need option to change file name


I have a pdf + text file (.pdf) that I wanted to export to the Finder. When I used the export -> Files and folders function, the export failed.

There were no specific console messages at the time of failure. The Devon Log window simply noted the export failed.

I was able to export a webarchive and a different pdf + text.

The problematic pdf + text was OCR’d using DTPs built in OCR engine earlier.

I only realized, after renaming it, that another file with the same name already existed in my documents folder.
If I rename it, the export proceeds as expected.

Instead of simply failing, can we get a dialogue box noting that a document of the same name already exists and give us the option to rename it? AFAIK, all other Mac apps work this way.


The next beta will automatically use unique names.

Thank you