When I download a complete website into DTPO

I “sucked” a website from the web using some other proprietary software. I downloaded all its .htm files (each of which are described as an “HTML document” by the Finder). I then imported these into DTPO. Looks OK.

But - when I click on one of the html pages - is it loading it from the local copy stored on my Mac, or from the server?

The reason I thought it might be the latter is, when I look at one of the html pages in DTPO, and “reveal in Finder”, I notice that the html file resides in some folder belonging to DTPO’s own structure (all well and good), but I don’t see how its HTML is referencing images that nevertheless appear on the page, since the path specified in the HTML doesn’t correspond to the path in DTPO’s structure.

(Also, can DTPO do this anyway on its own?)

Given what you described you did to import, most likely not. It’s easy to check. Go to any HTML document in DEVONthink, click the “Text Alternative” button, and check one of the image references in the raw HTML that Text Alternative displays.

Thanks for pointing that out to me.

Well, now I’m getting more acquainted with DTPO’s ability to download.

But if I choose the option “Subdirectory (Complete)” for offline archiving, I notice that clicking on links still requests data from the originating server (and this was from a non-dynamic site).

How can I download a site so that it’s self-contained in DTPO, and doesn’t need to request pages from the originating server?