When I hide DN 1.9.1 the drawer stays visible in the Finder


i could not find any other post about this problem:

I have DevonNote Personal 1.9.1.
When I hide the application whith Cmd-H, the drawer (“classify” or “see also”) stays visible in front of the OS X desktop, however other apps (e. g. Safari) are in front of it.

Is this a known bug? Anything I can do to avoid it?


The drawer should of course be hidden too. Does this still happen after restarting and/or your computer? Do you use any haxies?

Hi christian,

what do you mean by “haxies”?
The software products of Unsanity?

I don’t use any of the products mentioned here: unsanity.com/products/
I do use Quicksilver.

I’m not sure if there could be any other 3rd party software interfering with DevonNote.


Yes. But input managers are often “haxies” too, see folders ~/Library/InputManagers and /Library/InputerManagers. Another example patching the system is Default Folder X.

in ~/Library/InputManagers, there are 2 folders:

Smart Crash Reporter

in /Library/ there is no folder “InputManagers”

Just rename the first InputManagers folder while DEVONnote is not running, then launch DEVONnote. Does this make a difference?

Hi christian,

I closed DN, changed the name of the InputManagers Folger in my User Library into ___InputManagers, reopened DevonNote, but the Problem remains the same,
the drawer is visible above the desktop if DN is minimized.

Any other suggestions?


This has to be specific to your system in some way but I’m running out of ideas.

Just bumped into this query and can report that this happens to me to. Not that it bothers me a lot, but just wanted you to know that this is not anything unique. For the record, no haxies or anything similar…

By golly, the same thing happens with DEVONnote on my computer. If a See Also list is attached to a document and Command-H is invoked to Hide DEVONnote, the See Also drawer remains visible.

This does not happen in DT Pro or DTPO.