When importing images

I import images from camera roll to DTTG.

Then when I try to sort it in DevonThink3 some images are labeled as “FullSizeRender” and since I import a lot, some images aren’t the same size so they get imported by the one with less data first and then they come in unsorted.

I want them to be imported by how I select them from camera roll.
Any way I can do this?

Most of the times it imports the way I selected them from camera roll but there are occasions where some images are labeled as “FullSizeRender” then this makes them unsorted

Also why are some images labeled as “FullSizeRender” and others aren’t?

What camera device are you importing the images from? We don’t change the image name on import and normally it is the same name as is on the SIM card.

I encountered the FullSizeRender problem some time ago.

It is not caused by DTTG, but it happens when an app is editing an image and saves it back to the camera roll. FullSizeRender seems to be the default name in those cases.

I encountered it with images that I had edited within Workflow.app some time ago. Other iOS apps may do the same thing.

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From an iPhone, I think it’s because I edit(resize) some of the images before I export them to DTTG, could that be it?

Yes I think that’s the problem.

That could very well be the problem. I don’t think that the original name is provided however I will check to see if we can recover it from the metadata.