When things go right

I’m busy doing my monthly finances. DT3 automatically imported a bunch of invoices from my email, neatly filed them and appended appropriate metadata, leaving them in the correct Group where I can act upon them.

Nothing went wrong. It all worked perfectly.

It’s the nature of things that one tends only to post to this forum when things go wrong, leaving the impression that things go wrong all the time. But really, most of the time it’s just incredible how well everything works, and how much toil and effort it saves me.

I’m a paying customer, so I won’t gush. I’ll just say that I feel it has been money very well spent! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the nice feedback - it’s always great to hear that things just work as expected :slight_smile:

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That sounds great. Could you briefly describe the workflow? (Just briefly)

@fillmore, nothing special really. The only surprising thing is that I can manage everything I need using Smart Rules, with no bespoke scripting required.

  • I have several rules in Apple Mail which file the PDF attachments of a number of account statements I receive via email to DT3.
  • I have another rule in Apple Mail which files the PDFs I scan-to-email on our office copier. A Smart Rule in DT3 recognises these documents and OCR them.
  • All of these documents are then recognised by a series of Smart Rules which manipulate metadata (e.g. set the document date), attach tags and file to the relevant Groups.
  • Finally, I have a Smart Group that collects all the current month’s copies of the documents I need to act upon.

I’m sure one can improve on this, but it already saves me a ton of manual work.

The only (mild) frustration I currently have is that DT3 doesn’t provide a facility to prioritise the date formats it uses when detecting a date in the document. A number of my monthly statements contain dd/mm/yyyy dates, which DT3 detects as US-style mm/dd/yyyy. When I have some time, I’ll try to write a script to correct these automatically.

That’s excellent. I have been using DT for about a year now and I am still using it primarily as a simple filling program. I am hoping to increase my level of sophistication at some point, and learn a lot by finding out what others are doing.

Thanks for taking the time.