When will DevonThink PE and DevonNote be upgraded?

For my needs I have found that a combination of DTPE and DN is more useful than any of the pro or office versions.
DTPE was last upgraded in October and DN in April(!) last year to 1.9.8 and 1.9 respectively.
The version numbers indicate that 2.0 versions should be in the offing, but the sluggish pace of upgrading and the fact that DTPE and DN hardly get any mention in Devon’s information or on the forum make me believe that they might be discontinued.
If that is so, it would be interesting to know, as it might be a good time to start looking around for other solutions. If there are new versions in the work, it would be interesting to know when they are due and what new features we can look forward to.


DEVONnote was updated in October 2006 (v1.9.1) and DEVONthink Personal will be probably updated together with the final release of DT Pro (Office) 1.3.

:question: :question: :frowning: according to Finder on my computer my version of DEVONnote is 1.9 and created April 12 2006. If I look for an update I get the answer that I am using the latest available version of DEVONnote - no update.

So, where do I find this 1.9.1-version, and is there any significant change since the 1.9?

So, DEVONthink PE will probably be updated when the office version gets updated, when might that be?

Is any update of DEVONnote in the offing?

Are we talking here about major, 2.0-type, upgrades or just incremental updates?

Just try it again - there was a minor glitch in the update definition file on our server.


Hopefully this month.