When will we see outlining?

I read a message on this board that said we would see outlining with version 1.6. Now that 1.6 is out (sans outlining), I was wondering when we’ll see this feature.

The addition of outlining, combined (hopefully) with the ability to manually sort items in folders, would be a very useful addition to an already very useful program.


That’s a nice thought and I’ll copy that request… but I guess I will - as many others - stick with my outliner (OmniOutliner), because I just like it that much :wink:
But OPML support would indeed be very nice to have!


See the thread called "new category tree" on this forum.

The first, VERY simple outlining possibilities will be available in version 1.7 and are already implemented. OPML im-/export, manual sorting and other enhancements will be part of version 1.8.