When you add an HTML link, does the HTML web pg get indexed?

or does it index just the page title, address, etc?

If it indexes the html page, what happens when the html page is updated?

If you capture a bookmark to a Web page, that file contains only the URL link to the page, and the page itself isn’t indexed.

If you capture an HTML file, the file contains the text content of the Web page as of the time the capture was made, and the text content is searchable.

I usually capture a selected area of a Web page, such as a journal article that I wish to add to a database, as rich text. A rich text capture includes the text, tables, images and hyperlinks in the article, but not extraneous material on the page that’s outside the selected area of the page. Capture as rich text is more space-efficient than capturing as PDF, and excluding extraneous text on the page improves the efficiency of searches and the AI assistants such as See Also and Classify.

The Service keyboard shortcut to do that is ‘Command-)’. That works in Safari and DEVONagent Pro (and in DEVONthink’s own browser), but not in Firefox or Chrome, which are not sufficiently OS X Services-aware.

The Reader feature in Safari can automatically present a rich text view of the primary content of a page, such as an article. Select the Reader view by pressing ‘Command-A’, then press ‘Command-)’ to capture the article.