Where are Import Preferences

The DT3 manual keeps referring to specifying import Preferences (e.g. “Preferences > Import > Destination”).

I do not see “Import” in Preferences. DTP2 had an import tab, but I don’t see it in the new preferences pane.

How do I set import preferences?

Do you have a little double arrow to the right of the headers/tabs in the preferences pane? If so, give it a little jab.

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In DEVONthink 3.8, I see what I think you are looking for at: Menu → Preferences → Icon “Files” → Tab “Import”.

I must be in the wrong spot. Not seeing either Menu nor Headers/Tabs.

Just select the Files pane (see toolbar).

@BLUEFROG : I’ve not gone through the handbook before posting this; please see the first post in this thread - does the handbook need to be more precise (e.g. Preferences/Files/Import)?

And sorry, @tbeo - my answer was useless (I was afk and working from memory; poor excuse; I forgot to say welcome to the forum, too :see_no_evil: Welcome here :slight_smile:)

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Maybe… the intermediate “directory” “File” is not in the instructions. Thanks @cgrunenberg (should’ve seen that)

A second welcome @tbeo

Can you provide pages where you’re seeing those outdated references?

p. 16, 70, 77

Thanks. I’ll take a look.