Where are OCR'd copies stored?

I am a new user of DTPO and am having a bit of an issue. I’m looking to find where the OCR’d copies of my scans are stored. My setup is a Scansnap S1300, which sends directly to DTPO, which OCRs each scan. I know that scans are kept in my Home–>Pictures folder, but these scans are not OCR’d. I assume they would be if I had the Fujitsu software do the OCR’ing after each scan. However, because I’m using DTPO to do the OCR’ing, I don’t know where these scans are kept. Any ideas where I can find these documents, in case I need to extract an OCR’d copy. Thanks much.

When you send ScanSnap output to DT Pro Office for OCR and storage, the resulting searchable PDF is stored in a DEVONthink Pro Office database. The destination will depend on your settings in Preferences > Import - Destination.

The files stored within your databases are actually stored in their native filetypes in side the database package file, in a folder named ‘Files.noindex’. However, we recommend that you don’t go rummaging around inside the package file, as that could cause problems.

If you need to extract a searchable PDF from the database, select it and choose File > Export > Files & Folders. Or if you wish to attach a PDF (or other) file to a Mail message to send to a colleague, you can simply drag the PDF from your database onto the Mail icon in the Dock. A new message will be created in Mail, already containing the attachment and waiting to be addressed.

By default, ScanSnap Manager saves PDFs into your Pictures folder. You may leave them there if you wish, but they are image-only PDFs, not searchable. You can configure DT Pro Office to remove those PDFs from Pictures. In Preferences > OCR - Original documents CHECK the option to move the originals to the Trash.