Where are RTF documents stored?

I tend to make lots of RTF documents from within DevonThink for storing various bits of information. Where are these stored in the filesystem? I have found all the PDFs that I import in ~/Documents/Devonthink/Files, but I can’t find the RTF files. The menu item Content–>Show in Finder is dimmed whenever I have an RTF file selected.

Are RTF files automatically stored within the database rather than as separate files? Is there a way to change this? I would like to be able to email these documents and transfer them around easily. Also, with Spotlight coming on board soon I would like them to show up in searches which seems unlikely if they are stored within the database.


Yes, RTF documents are always stores as parts of the database itself. This may change with a future version of DEVONthink and with the upcoming of Spotlight. We’re still figuring out the best strategy here.

To e-mail them, simply drag the icon of the RTF document to your e-mail or to the Desktop. This exports a copy that you can then use as you wish.