Where are these Pictures Located

I imported iCloud Drive. I typically only store photos in the photos app

The Database shows18,887, The path is ./png/xxxxx

When I show reveal in Finder I get this:

If you imported (rather than indexed), then you created a database that duplicates the contents of your iCloud Drive. That’s what Reveal in Finder is showing you.

@kewms is correct on the duplication. They’re copied into the internal structure of the database, which you should not be messing around in.

Why do you need to know where they’re located?

I don’t think that I have that many Photos in iCloud Drive itself.

I was under the impression that the Photos taken on the iPhone ended up in a separate service outside of iCloud Drive itself.

I was attempting to reveal in Finder to see just where the photos were coming from.

DT’s Reveal in Finder command will show you where they are inside the database. It won’t tell you anything about where they came from.