Where are we up to with OCR

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Something odd going on with OCR. I’ve scanned a typed letter into my system today and it’s sitting there marked as PDF + Text under Kind. Subsequently I’ve scanned further items and they ‘seem’ to be going through the recognition process, in terms of the progress bar, but the resultant document says just PDF under Kind. Converting to searchable PDF redoes the OCR process, in terms of a progress bar, but still gives a duplicate, PDF only, file.

I read elsewhere in the forum that there are currently OCR issues and we are awaiting release of DTPO 2.9.9 but I’m sure I’ve gotten my setup to OCR this morning, but now it seems to have stopped.

Any idea what could be going on here?



Turn Off the option to add metadata after text recognition in the OCR prefs. Beyond that, yes - you need to wait for the next release.


Got a workaround here with an older machine with El Capitan.

Guess what? It’s working fine :wink:

Will await 2.9.


Yep. Sierra has broken much of the PDF stuff. Our Lead Developer has reported the most recent problem with the OCR layer isn’t seen in the 10.12.3 beta release. Crossing our fingers. :smiley:

And when will be the new release available. Because i have the same problem too with this ocr-case…it’s not possible to make pdf+text… :frowning:

Sorry, but we cannot comment on timelines for development. We are working on fixes, but bear in mind that Apple is working on 10.12.3 beta. Whlle the one critical issue appears to be resolved in it, we do have to ensure they haven’t broken anything else affecting DEVONthink.

I have experienced the same OCR problems as described above and am on a Sierra OS Macbook Pro from 2015.

Even after unchecking the ‘enter metadata after text recognition’ I do not get a text layer with my converted PDF.

Any ideas what else I might try?


Update your operating system to 10.12.3.

Read this article from TidBits.


Very interesting and explains all the issues!
PDFpen seems to work fine for OCR

Jim and Georges. Thank you for your prompt replies. The update worked and the article was indeed interesting. Shame on Apple!

Kind regards

You’re welcome. And yes, we are not thrilled with Apple’s decisions lately. :imp:

Will there be a “official approval message form the DT board of directors” when DevonThink ist finally MacOS-ready - or when MacOS is finally DevonThink-ready, for all of us who don’t dare to update to MacOS or who went back to El Capitan? Please!