Where (Best Place) To Save Files

I’ve been using DTP and somehow just discovered that I am saving my scanned/pdfs into my PICTURES folder. Did I do that or was this a default? If it’s a default, why there?

My question now is, should I continue to save these files there or should there be another folder dedicated to saving these files? Please keep in mind, these aren’t the .dtbase2 files. They are stored in a folder called Database.

Your thoughts?

BTW: I’m Chris

Sending the scanner output files to your Pictures folder is fine.

Note that you can set DEVONthink Pro Office Preferences > OCR - ‘Original Document’ to move those files to the Trash after OCR.

Thanks for the extra bit of information about trashing the file after OCR. I didn’t know that and will certainly help with freeing up some disk space.