Where did my notes go?

NEW user here! (Just got DT Pro and DA bundle). I was browsing my favourite forums and used the Services Menu to make/append notes. Now I don’t know where they are. I don’t think I had a database open, or at least no windows opened when I switched to DTPro. Are these notes somewhere obvious or lost without a trace?

DT Pro needs to be able to open with a database in order to receive new data.

You should designate one of your databases as default, so that each time DT Pro is launched it will open a database. To do that, with your desired database open, select File > Database Properties. Near the top of the Database Properties panel there’s an option to make this database default. Check that option.

In DT Pro you can designate the group location to which new content is added from Services. Open DT Pro > Preferences > Import and select a desired group from the choices available near the bottom of that panel. I hadcreated a group named “Incoming” for that purpose, then selected that group.

Like it says… “Thank You”! :smiley: