Where did the magic hat go?

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I’m trying to find the DT3 equivalent of the magic hat button that gave me a list of good matches for filing a document. Where did that feature go? To be clear, I don’t want it automatically classified, but I want to see the list of AI recommendations, and choose one. I always found this quicker than moving something via drag and drop.

It’s part of the inspectors.
See Tools > Inspectors > See Also & Classify,

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The “bar chart” icon, got it, thanks!

For such a core differentiating feature for the application it always seemed like it should be far more visible and discoverable. See Also & Classify and end to end encryption are basically the main two reasons I use DEVONthink.

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And don’t forget the neat shortcut control + s which I use all the time. It used to be a three key shortcut if I remember: still excellent. I use it a lot just to looksee.

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As I said to BlueFrog it used to have a three key shortcut now it is just control and s. Really accessible. I know what you mean though, but I think the obscurity is not to do with the app if you know what I mean. It takes a bit of getting used to somehow?