Where do all these tags with long numbers come from? HELP?

I get all these tags attached to everything in my inbox in DevonThink. They aren’t created by me. They are just strings of numbers numbers, mostly beginning with 111. Some are shorter though. Two questions: (1) can I delete all of them without deleting the actual document in my database? (2) Where do they come from and how do I stop this from happening? there are thousands, and I just can’t deal with them! – I am not an advanced tech person, so I hope the solution is simple!

Why not, given that you can delete every tag without deleting the documents it is attached to?

Difficult to say with the little information you provide. It might help to post a screenshot of some of the files. And of your preference settings for “Files/Import”.

Do you have docs with hashtags in them? I get a bunch of tags from those but just delete them when I notice them. Not a big thing for me. I would guess you can prob delete them globally if you search the tag or look at the sidebar.

Have a look at your preference settings… And no, I do not have an issue with tags, but @Hedda has

Sorry @chrillek, did not mean to reply to you directly, rather to @Hedda question. Haha.

i hope this works – used upload for the screenshot

That’s only part of the picture. Preferences? What kind of documents are you talking about? How do they arrive in DT?

Check Settings > Files > Import under “Tags”. Several of these items (especially “Keywords”) can generate quite a few obscurely worded tags, because a lot of websites will generate numerous keywords that only have meaning to the automation that produces the website. Personally, I leave most of these options off.

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thank you! I did check. I had only the top one, about hashtags, checked. I unchecked that one too. These tags suddenly appear, for no reason. But as long as I know I can delete them without deleting the document, I can deal with it! Thank you again!

@korm’s suggestion is the likely culprit. If you’ve disabled the hashtag conversion, you shouldn’t be seeing the excess tags being produced.


This is so helpful!!! thank you!

You’re welcome :heart: :slight_smile: