Where do bookmarks go when imported?

Where do bookmarks go when imported from Safari? When I choose File->Import->Bookmarks->Safari nothing appears to happen. So where are they?

Once I have them imported, how do I search them (and only them)?

Your “manual” is silent on both of these items. There is lots of verbiage about importing them, but I can’t seem to find any text on actually using them.

The are imported into a Safari (or Firefox, etc.) group in the root of the database.

Like bill.raynor, when I import safari bookmarks nothing happens.

I understand where they go, but nothing appears in a Safari group in the root of the database. upon doing the following from DT:

File -> Import -> Bookmarks -> Safari

DT Pro Office, 2.11.1
Clip to DT installed (latest from DT website)
Safari Version 12.0.2 (14606.3.4)


Do you have Full Disk Access enabled in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy?

I did not have that enabled. However, I just corrected that setting and the import
is working now. . . .thank you!

I must have missed this is the setup instructions.

Shall I grant the same access for Agent Pro or Sphere?