Where do I find scripts to download--Newbie

I am in the DT Pro tutorial > Common Tasks > Automating > TASK: INTEGRATING DEVONTHINK USING APPLESCRIPT.

I read: "You will find many useful scripts that integrate other applications with DEVONthink Professional on the DEVONthink Professional disk image in the »Scripts« folder… "

Yet when I download the DTPro disk image, I don’t find a Safari script inside the scripts folder. Inside the downloaded scripts folder are folders for Droplets, Folder Actions, Mail, Workspaces.

If I download the Example Scripts folder, I get 14 scripts beginning with Copy URLs-to-Paths.scpt. But nothing about Safari.

What am I missing?

Jerry, you no longer have to install the Safari scripts. That’s done automatically by DT Pro, or by this user action: select Help > Install Add-ons.

When Safari is the frontmost application, the global Scripts menu bar item should display several scripts that can send information to DT Pro.

If you don’t see a global scripts menu item (stylized S), go to the Finder and select Help > Mac Help. There you will find instructions for making the Scripts menu AND its library visible. The instructions will differ, depending on whether you are using OS X 10.9.3 or 10.4.x.

Thanks. There it is, just as you say. That was easy.