Where Does My Sorter Stuff Go ?

I have just upgraded to DTPO2 and have started to try to find my way around all of the new toys. I love the idea of the sorter, but I have a problem.

As I understand this, If I drag a file into the sorter (inbox for example) it will sit in there until DTPO is opened, and then it will be “filed” in the right place in my database. So if I drag something into the finder default inbox, I should be able to find it in the Global Inbox when DTPO is opened. Is this correct ?

The issue is I cant find anything that I have put into the sorter inbox. The files seem to have disappeared. Where do they go ???

Just realized that I cant actually access my “global” inbox from within the application. Nor the global trash. May be this is part of my issue ?

Please read the documentation such as the Upgrader’s Guide and the release notes. It describes some of the features that are “under construction”. You will find that the DEVONthink Inbox will be supported in the next public beta. In the meantime you can drag one Inbox from your database to the Sorter.

One of several threads kenb might be interested reading that describes Sorter functionality:

2.0: Copying Selection with shortcut in db: Where is it?

I placed 6 items in the Sorter, heard the reassuring CLINK each time, and saw the count go up each time. Today, the Sorter is empty and the items are not in the Inbox of DTPO when I open it. Are they stored somewhere in my application files? I found a folder called DevonThink Sorter, but the only file in it is Default.sorter, and I can’t read its contents.

In your homefolder’s Library you also find a folder ‘DEVONthink Pro 2’ with (in my case) 4 folders in it. One of them is called ‘Inbox’. Maybe you find your items there. If so, you have to import them in your database, because the sorter is not yet fully functional.