Where does the SORTER keep its files?

I had to restart my Mac this morning, and after an error message like “Cannot read some of the files, have to remove them from the document” the Sorter came up empty. So, I’ve lost about a hundred of snippets, websites etc. from a extensive research session.

I have a backup of my hard disk from yesterday when everything was OK …

…but I can’t figure out where the files go that one drags into the sorter.

Any hints welcome!

AFAIK the default location is the primary DTP INBOX, unless you specified a different location by dragging groups into the Sorter location bins.

Sorter documents captured when DEVONthink is not running are located in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Sorter/Default.sorter . It’s a package, so you can view its contents if needed.

Default.sorter -> Package: yes, thanks, that did the trick. I imported everything from there and now I have a lot of entries with funny titles. But I have them, that’s the point.

Thanks! :smiley:

Yes, the document title info is contained in SorterData.plist, which is in the Default.sorter package. If you replace the entire Default.sorter package with your backup file, rather than importing the documents in the Default.sorter, I expect the document titles will be restored as well.