Where DT Personal stores files?

I’m new to DT personal. Am I right in thinking that DT stores the files in Home>Library>Application support>DEVONthink. I want to copy the DT files on to my separate hard drive occasionally for back up purposes and I need to know if this is the only place DEVONthink puts things. I don’t use Timemachine.

Thank you


DEVONthink Personal 2 stores its database in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 2/.

Thank you, it was where I thought.

I’m really liking DEVONthink. Wonder if I should have got a higher version but I was unsure what the differences were.


The DEVONthink/DEVONnote Feature Comparison page might help you with that. :slight_smile:

Cautionary note: Always Quit the DT application (Personal) or close a DT Pro or Office database, before making a copy of it in the Finder.

But making backups kept on a location other than your local hard drive is to be highly commended! :slight_smile:

I just recently got DT Personal, and have been trying to figure out how to move the database location to my data partition, which is part of my backup plan. I can get the info on the database which shows its location, but can’t see how to move it. Is this not an option?

Also, knowing that backing up is best done within the application to avoid backing up a database in use, I can’t see how to specify the location for the backup either? In fact, when I ran the backup command it neither confirmed that the backup was successful nor told me where it had been put. I’m assuming that the backup is not in the same location as the original, as that would be very poor practice?

Am I also gathering that things differ between versions of DT?

OK so updating on my own post, I decided to just go ahead and upgrade to DT Pro as the idea of multiple databases sounded about right for me. And so indeed I find that to specify the location of the database, that’s what I needed to do. There is probably a hack for DT Personal involving using a symlinked folder.

On the backup location and process I found the Applescript to export a daily archive backup. Opening up the script I saw the location is hard coded, so I duplicated the script, made the necessary changes to location and filename format and renamed it MyBackup.

I’m a happy chappy now!