Where has my scanned document gone


I scanned two sides of text by importing with DTPO 1.3beta 2 with 150 dpi as text (OCR) with Canon Pixma MP780.

After the OCR session I pressed the save button, than DTPO crashed, after restarting it I searched for my document, but found nothing.

Where has it gone?

BTW: The 1.3 beta 1 works fine. Since I upgrade to beta 2, the scanning doesn´t work properly. The last time DTPO did not find my scanner at all (MP 780 is an all-in-one product, actually).

Meanwhile I try it a second time, but with 300 dpi as colour photo. The first page was scanned and ocr properly, the image of the page in the right preview panel of the scann window was shrinked, but the second page was not shrined after scanning. I click on it, DTPO crashed, again.

Do I have to wait until DTPO is final?

Please see this posting Scanning in DTPO beta 2. This is fixed for the next version.


Thanks Annard.

Any idea, when the final version will be issued?

Well, we have to release a new version before the end of the month since then the beta licence expires. Whether it will be the final one or not remains to be seen, but the signs are looking good.