Where is a document that has no location?

I have a series of documents that show no location in the “Location” column when looking at a list of documents.
Each of the documents was created from a CamelWord.
When I look in the smart folder that gives me material created today I can see the document and edit it. However, in the “Location” column there is no information.
When I look in the group where the originating document is located, and hence where I would expect the linked document to be located, there is no linked document showing.

I’ve tried the following:

  • Saving the linked document
  • Closing the database and opening it.

But the location of the file still seems to be missing.

Any suggestions as to the source of the problem?


Items with no location are located in the root of the database, that is, they are not contained in any group. Switch to a view like Three Pane and then click in a blank space in the Group pane. All the root documents will appear in the documents (upper-right) pane.



Now I see what is happening. If you edit a document (the source) that is located in a smart group then the new document (the target) created through the CamelWord will go to the parent group that is a normal group since the target can’t live of its own volition in a smart group.