Where is my database located?

I’m trying Devonthink (regular, not pro) for the 2nd time, the first time was a couple years ago. I can’t find my database location, it’s supposed to be .dtBase2,is that correct? It’s not in the folder library/application support/devonthink 2. In that folder there is:
10 files of DEVONthink-1(-10).dtMeta

In my Documents folder there are old databases from when I tried Devonthink Pro. I’ve tried disabling and enabling Spotlight indexing, just can’t find that file. Is it called something else? Am I going crazy?

Here’s something you can try-not sure if it works in the non-Pro version or not. Go to ‘File>Database Properties…’ and see if the file path is displayed there. This assumes that the non-Pro version has a database properties menu item.

Ok, it says library/application support/devonthink 2
Is that the database file - the whole folder?

What I want to do is try to encrypt this with Espionage, so I must put the database into another folder to do so. Knowing what the database is (and what it isn’t) is important.

Yes, the database for DT Personal 2.x is the whole folder named “DEVONthink 2”, located at /Home/Library/Application Support/.

Make certain to Quit DEVONthink Personal before moving the database folder to another location. Then from that other location create an alias of the database folder and move the alias back to the location where DEVONthink expects to find the database.

Another alternative for high-level security would be to store the database in an encrypted disk image, which can be created using Disk Utility.