where is my DevonthinkPro database!


A while back I downloaded a demo evaluatiion copy of DEVONthinkPro to evaluate it, but I guess the demo ran out. I had created a database - something like ‘maindb.dtest’ - but I can’t seem to find it. I reinstalled a fresh copy of DevonThink and tried to search for it, but no database! Would doing a new install of DevonThink somehow have erased that old database? (I created a new database, but you can have multiple databases, right?)

Would somebody have a list of all the possible places I could look for the database? I’m obviously going to pay for a full licensed version of DevonThink, but if I can’t find that original database it’s going to break my heart.

Thanks for any help.

Use Spotlight to search your drive for ‘.dtbase’ (without the quotes). That should find all the databases you have.