Where is "Synchronize contents of indexed items"

The manual refers to “Synchronize contents of indexed items” as a setting, but it does not disclose where the setting is configured. I have searched high and low and it does not appear anywhere I can find it. The manual is severely lacking here!

“You can choose to not synchronize the content of indexed files but only their metadata. If you are accessing such a metadata-only item and you are synchronizing via direct connection you can download the content file on demand. If you are using a sync store, e.g. on a WebDAV server, downloading is only possible if the uploading side synchronizes with Synchronize contents of indexed items activated. With this option switched off, indexed files are never deleted from disk too.”

Where is this!

In the Sync location setup. This is covered in the manual on pp.107-108. And you can download a manual here: devontechnologies.com/downlo … nuals.html