Where is the Global Inbox stored?

Can someone tell me where the Global Inbox is stored, and whether it can be copied back and forth between by desktop and laptop (like I do with normal DTP databases?

Now that the Global Inbox has been activated in public beta 4, its contents are included within the database package in which it resided. Each DT Pro/Office database contains a Global Inbox, which is integral to the database.

Moving the database to another computer, for example, moves its Global inbox and contents, also.

I don’t really understand this. Does this mean the GI gets copied to every DTP database?

Let’s say I’ve got half a dozen DTP database I use regularly. I copy them to my laptop, where I then use the global inbox.

When I get back in the office, I copy back to my desktop the one DTP database that I have been working on. How does this update the global inbox for the other DTP databases on the desktop?

This is a real example for me - I had 20-30 items in the global inbox on my laptop but these didn’t show up in the GI on the desktop

This is not true, I am afraid. The global inbox is a separate database stored as ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Index.dtBase. A good practice would be to copy the whole “DEVONthink Pro 2” folder back and forth between machines.

Many thanks.

And I misspoke. My model of the Global Inbox was wrong. Obviously, to be a common repository, this inbox needs common storage.