Where is the Sync Group?

I’m having a similar problem:

-I do have a Sync group in my database
-DTPO is set to accept connections through my Firewall
-Bonjour is on; I can see my database on Safari

I can’t see my computer in the DTTG sync window (in fact, the DTTG freezes at this point!) Bummer. :frowning:

Same here. The console gives this message:

Has it some to do with this issue?

I opened a “ticket”… before noticing Eric’s presence among us! I don’t know where the answer to our problem will come from, but I’ll post it in this forum if it comes to me through the Help Desk…

Same console message here

I’m getting this slightly different console message :

Same problem, But as an even newer person I am not even sure how to check either the package to verify contents or the firewall. I am running 2.0.5 DT Pro. FWIW I have omnifocus set to sync using bonjour and it’s working fine on the wireless so at least some bonjour synch is working over an airport wifi connection.

OK I verified that in the Systems Preferences>Security>Firewall that Devon Think Pro is set to allow incoming connections. I’ve downloaded and fully re-installed 2.0.5 and I still do not have a sync group anywhere.

I am in the US so shouldn’t be related to location.

Off now to restart mac just in case something was not set properly on initialization.

How do you do number 1?

Tried number 2 and no sync group in any new database either

At this point I believe it would be a moot point to check, with other users confirming the same issue. If you are running 2.0.5, it will be included in the app package.

However, as a FYI you can select any application in the Finder, right-click and choose 'Show Package Contents". Doing this will the application is active and/or mucking around with the contents can result in undesirable consequences!

OK I shut DevonThink Pro down, right clicked on it in the Applications Folder Clicked on the contents folder in the new finder window that appeared, and in the folder plugins I find the file Sync Agent.bundle

So I guess it’s installed properly.

I just filed a bug report on it so I can track it. Until I can get sync to operate I can’t test anything else.

Thanks for telling me how to do it.

Unfortunately me three, or whatever. I don’t see it either. I checked, and the SyncAgent bundle is there, in the “Plugins” folder in the package. And I tried creating a new database, and what shows in the sidebar is quite different from the correct example given above (yes, this is version 2.0.5).
DT sidebar.tiff (39 KB)

I have also no sync group - even in a new database.

And DTTG does not see my Mac in my local WLAN network. The firewall settings give Devonthink full permissions.

Do you have any suggestions, what I can do to make it run?

P.S. It seems, that DTTG is crashing my wlan internet connection - like the Apple Remote.

Could this be a Leopard vs SnowLeopard issue ?
I’m on 10.5.8 . Is it affecting people on SnowL ?

It expect is very doubtful. At the end of the beta cycle for 1.0, I believe I was the only tester still using 10.5.8.

I’m also 10.5.8 if it matters.

and also can’t see the mac in DTTG sync local network. I just tried a reset sync settings on the iPod Touch and still can’t see it and no sync group.

I also have this problem. No sync group, latest version double checked.

iMac running 10.6.4,
3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
4GB 800 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM

Located in Alberta, Canada

Same here, my location happens to be Norway too, by the way. Running 10.5.8, Pro Office 2.0.5. My Mac is not found by DTTG, my DTP creates no Sync groups.

I have several databases. Initially they all had a sync group. I proceeded to sync my most frequently used database.

However, after deciding that I would no longer try and sync one large database at once I decided to “ungroup” the sync group thinking I would then simply sync groups within my database. But this caused the sync group icon to disappear. Restarting DTPO and my computer have done nothing.

But, my other databases still have the sync group icon and are syncing with my iPad.

Further, my iPad sees both the large database I was initially syncing and the smaller one I successfully synced. I created a new document on my iPad in the large database and synced it. The new document then more or less instantly appeared in the database on my Mac. Thus, syncing FROM my iPad but no TO my iPad seems to be OK.

So, how do I get back the sync group?

Thanks very much. I think this is going to be an excellent product!


Same issue here, no sign of the sync group, am at version 2.0.5, ready for Devonthink To Go, no firewall in sight. What is wrong?

I am seeing the same issues / English Install.

Have check bundle exists? Yes
Have created a group called Sync? Yes
Have created a new database? Yes
Have checked firewall? Yes

Any more suggestions.