Where is the Tag list?

In DT2, I used to be able to browse tags as a list, but in DT3 I see that there is a tag cloud. While I like this I am wondering if the tag list could be brought back because I used hierarchies, i.e. specific locations and places were grouped under “places”, writers and artists were grouped under “people”, books and specific essays were grouped under “titles”, etc. I’d like to be able to browse these tags under a hierarchical system. Could this please be brought back for DT3? Thanks!

Sidebar > Global > Tags

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Please spend some time in the built-in Help. There is a ton of good information in it (and it’s also part of the beta test).


Thank you Jim! I’m sorry for the lazy ignorance. I’ll definitely spend some time going through the help as I transition my workflow with the new app.

Michael, thank you as well for being considerate and elegantly pointing me in the right direction. I seemed to have been too impatient to see this new layout. But you still helped me out. Thank you for this and for the help on the previous post!


I miss having a database’s tags showing right in the database (like DT2), so I can access them when the sidebar is closed. So I created a Smart Group within the database to show all files where “kind is tag”.


and now I have this at the top of my database:



No worries… and technically, we’re only ignorant of things we don’t know. I’m ignorant of many things in life :slight_smile: