Where is WEB Browser?

Using DevonNote 2.02 with Snow Leopard.

Where is integrated WEB Browser? Entering a URL in the upper right search field does not work. I could not find any other likely ways.

From documentation in DEVONnote’s database:


Based on Apple’s WebKit, the engine behind Safari, DEVONnote also offers a complete, built-in web browser to conveniently view web pages, capture and search them and to manage bookmarks.

To view a web page in DEVONnote, you have to create a link document first via the menu “Data > New > Link”. Name the new document and type the URL it shall point to into the URL field of the Info panel.

If you enter a URL as the name for a new link, DEVONnote automatically sets the URL of the item too. E.g. create a new link, enter “www.apple.com” - that’s it!

Alternatively, drag any Internet Location document from the Finder to any DEVONnote browser or onto the application icon in the dock. It’s of course also possible to drag links or bookmarks from Safari or other web browsers to DEVONnote.

If you copy a URL from the address field of a browser such as Safari to the clipboard, you can return to DEVONnote and choose Data > New > With Clipboard - the keyboard shortcut is Command-N - and this will create a bookmark document in your DEVONnote database. Select that bookmark document and the browser will open the Web page if you are online.

You can copy the bookmarks from your regular browser, e.g., Safari, by choosing File > Import > Bookmarks > .

So, in various ways you can save bookmark documents in your database for the Web sites that you normally visit.

That does the job. Your complete reply is now linked to in my DevonNote database.Thank you.

A small detail > In my DevonNote the path is Data > New > Bookmark.

ON a related note, I’ve played around a little with the browser and the one thing that has held me back from using it more is that I can’t find a way to use bookmarklets. I have one that sends the current selection to gmail that’s pretty much indispensable. Perhaps there’s a way to do this that I missed?

Tom S.

Have you tried a search for bookmarklet* to see previous discussions about that topic? Here’s one:


Thanks for the reply.

The URL is quite complicated and I really doubt I will be able to adapt it to work in DT:


I’ll work on it but just pasting this into the proper place in a sample script didn’t work. I can probably figure out the Apple script but I wouldn’t know JavaScript if it walked up and bit me in the rear end.

I’m probably better off using Safari.

Tom S.

I think if you reformat it, you’ll see that the script is pretty simple:

if (x.selection) {
else {
  if (y.getSelection) {
  else {
    if (x.getSelection) {
    popw = y.open('https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&fs=1&tf=1&to=&su=' +
      escape(document.title) + '&body=' + escape(Q) + escape('\n') +
      escape(location.href) +
    if (!document.all) {
      T = setTimeout('popw.focus()',50);

There’s some logic to find out whether the selection is part of the document or the browser window (likely something you wouldn’t need in DTPO) and then the selection is concatenated, with the document title and the URL.

A DTPO Applescript of this would be even simpler than the Javascript.

Have fun! Charles

I will give this a try. Thanks.

Tom S.