Where o where has my web archive gone?

I cannot work out the logic of where DevonthinkPro saves my web archives. I only know for sure that it is virtually never in the location of the link from which it is derived, and therefore virtually never where I expect it. Often I have to do a search to find it.

I was thinking it might be in the last place it saved a web archive (if I can remember where that was), then I thought it might be the directory above in the hierarchy (but not always).

It drives me mad, the little dance / search around after each web archive is created to find the thing and put it back where it belongs.

Does anyone know what the logic for this operation is?

Kind regards

If you use, e.g., the bookmarklets for Safari, webarchives are stored in the destination that you’ve set up for new notes in Preferences > Import.

Thanks for your comment.

I haven’t worked up to saving into Devonthink from another application yet.

I copy the link, go into DevonThink, create a new link item, wait for the page to load within Devonthink, then choose “Capture web archive”.
Occassionally it will put that web archive in the same location as the link.
Sometimes it puts it wherever it put the last web archive I saved.
Sometimes I have to do a search for the title text to locate it, and I cannot guess the logic that placed it in that location.