Where should I store my database?

Long time user, I used to access my database from Dropbox. This went on for years until Sync capabilities were introduced. Once after a problem, DT support explained that what I was doing was very dangerous and I should stop to avoid dataloss. So did I do.
I have now my databases in a local folder that is excluded from my document or desktop folder both of which are on iCloud drive. They are then synced with iCloud Sync in DT and DTG.
While reading the DT3 doc this morning, the chapter on Sync seems to imply the databases should reside on iCloud drive in this case.
I am now totally lost on what the best case is and how to handle any transition (Sync seems to be disabled by default in DT3).
I’d appreciate any clue about what to do.

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Databases should never be stored in synchronized folders, therefore a safe place is a folder “Databases” in your home directory.

Yes, this is exactly what I have now but this introduction to Syncing in DT3 says that you need to upload the database to a sync location. This reads very ambiguous to me.

Sync is an incredibly simple concept. You have a database on one machine. You want that database on another machine. From the machine with the database, you upload the database to a sync location accessible from both machines. On the machine without the database, you’d access the same sync location and import the database. This way, every device, Mac or mobile, has a local copy of a database. Changes are made locally then synced through the sync location to the connected devices.

A sync location is not the same as your local copy (.dtBase2), therefore this is correct. Local copies shouldn’t be stored in synchronized folders but sync stores (.dtCloud) support this (although it’s rarely necessary as WebDAV, Dropbox etc. are. directly supported)

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