where's my DT Pers Edition database??

I installed DT Pro, started it, and it opened an old database that was still in my Library/Application Support folder. My active database was in my Documents folder. So I quit DT Pro, deleted the old database, adn moved the active database from Documents to Application Support, hoping DT Pro would see it and build a new database from it. Now it builds no new DT Pro database, and when I try to open my main DT PE database from the File menu in DT Pro, the files there are grayed out.

How do I get DT Pro to open the info in the active database I used in DT PE? Please help asap, as this is a vital file now inaccessible to me.

PS Yes I did delete DT PE program

Just do “Open database” and point to the directory that holds the old database. It will then open it just fine.

Thanks, CatOne! I thought I had tried that, but I was making the mistake of trying to open individual database files rather than just hte “Devonthink” folder. Doing the latter did the trick, and I’m back in business. Much, much obliged.



Glad you’ve got it working. You scared me a moment when I was reading your initial post, as I thought for a moment that you might have deleted your DT PE database;

My general advice would be to make a copy of your DT PE database in another directory, and open it with DT Pro so that you can experiment without fear of any conceivable disaster to your data. If (heaven forfend) your decide not to upgrade to DT Pro after expiration of the public beta, your DT PE database will be waiting intact. :slight_smile:

Of course, if you want to update your DT PE database with contents you’ve added to the DT Pro database, just select that material in DT Pro, do File > Export > Files & Folders (to a target folder for that purpose), then import the content into DT PE. And vice versa, of course.