where's my hotservice dot?

At work, running on an G5 Intel, the hotservice dot is no more. I’m not sure when it happened. Checked the Input Managers and it’s there. So how come it won’t appear? No matter what app I’m in? Anyone know?


DEVONtechnologies recently released Universal Binaries of the freeware and shareware items on the download page.

Install the new UB version of HotServices on your Intel Mac and you will be good to go.

Thanks Bill,

but now that I’ve trashed the old hotservice and put the hotservice 2.2 in the InputManagers, I’m still not getting the dot. Must be me doing something wrong somewhere…?

I’m not sure HotService has been updated. Recently “Easy Find” and “Thumbs Up” were updated to UB.

I’m looking forward to the return of the “dot”.

Bob, you are correct.

The applications have become universal binary (UB) but the services have not been updated.

OK, gotcha. Thanks.