Which databases to backup when multiple machines

Hi there

I have searched the community for an answer to my question, and although I’ve found posts about backup, I didn’t find one that fits my use case.

I use DT on my iMac and on my MacBook. They are “completely” (as far as I know) in sync . Each database folder is located on each machine. They are synced through WebDav on my NAS.

Now to the question. Do I backup the databases on the MacBook and the iMac and the sync store, or can I just choose one of them? And if so, which one?

Thanks in advance

If you have two identical things, does it matter which one you choose?

No point in backing up the sync data on the NAS, in my opinion.

If course not, but am I suppose to know, if two instances of the application has identical db structure? If that is the case, I apologise for my ignorance. The quote marks on completely was to show that it seems identical to me, when using the app. If I run a diff tool they show all kinds of differences.

I wish to be able to rebuild from a disk failure on both machines and didn’t know if my iMac data could be used on my MacBook. From your comment it seems they can.

Thank you for your effort and time - you may close and/or delete the post if you like :raising_hand_man: