Which MacBook for DT3?

I’m considering returning to school and as a result, DT will be getting a lot of usage in the near future.

I currently use a 2016 12” MacBook at home. I’ve used DT2 for quite some time on it, and the biggest issue I’ve had was just the small screen at least for now (my individual freelance projects haven’t been big enough to tax the CPU).

Would it be more prudent to just get an extra monitor, or should I take this moment to upgrade to a newer MacBook Air or Pro? For what it’s worth, I’m thinking of studying project management.

An external monitor is of course a lot cheaper but not mobile. If you already notice the age of the MacBook (e.g. due to CPU or not enough RAM or not enough disk space), I would opt for a notebook, otherwise for a monitor if mobility is not crucial.

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I’d agree with Criss here. I used a 2012 13" MacBook until October of last year when it finally gave up. Generally speaking MacBook are good solid machines that will last a long while. If you exceed its capabilities, then yes a new one might be a good idea.

PS: Don’t worry about the CPU. More RAM is better than less. And don’t get a 128GB hard drive. 256GB minimum.

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