Which plugin in responsible for a given result?

I’m a long time Devon agent user but had a question for which I’ve not been able to find the definitive answer.

When reviewing results within Devonagent is it possible to tell which plugin is responsible for a given result?

I ask because I have queries set up on a schedule and then I review the results afterward. I look for spammy sites and then add those domains so Devon agent doesn’t search them in the future. I use three plugins that are “last week”; Bing (Last Week), Google (Last week), and Yahoo (Last Week). I’ve noticed that some results are months if not years old and so theoretically shouldn’t show up. I am aware this isn’t foolproof and I’m okay with some older results as long as they match the search criteria.

The results are press releases and publications, etc. that have definitive dates within the result.

I do have a hypothesis that one of these plugins is responsible for the bulk of the old data. My guess is that it is the Yahoo (Last Week) plugin but short of turning it off and noting if the older results continue to shoe up, I there any way to tell which plugin is responsible for a given result after the search is complete?

This isn’t possible currently but we’ll consider this for upcoming releases.

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Thanks Christian. I appreciate knowing I wasn’t overlooking something and that you are considering of this for a future release.