Which Replicant Is Synced?

Having multiple replicants of a single document in DTP, only one of those is synced to DTTG, i.e. the document appears in only one of the groups. As different replicants in DTP are undistinguishable, is there a way to predict or influence in which group a replicated document will appear in DTTG?

It’s not always “only one”. Sometimes all the replicants are synced, sometimes more than one but less than all.

The obvious way, IMO, is that the contents of the Sync group are what gets synced. What you see in Sync is what you get in DTTG. Now, that is not the case.

I do have all the groups in the sync folder, but still replicants are missing. If I remember correctly, Michael Papp(?) once explained the missing replicants by that fact that replicating is technically not possible on iOS. So I assumed that this cannot be implemented on iOS and only one replicant gets synced (but never confirmed this due to too many items). Therefor I wanted to understand the syncing of replicants.

[edit: I think I have to clarify my question:]
How can I predict or influence the sync behavior of replicants? Or is the current behavior considered a bug and will be fixed in an upcoming update?

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Actually, all replicants should get synced as on iOS we have replicants. Can you send me a screen shot of your Mobile Sync group showing all replicants of one single document that should all show up on the device? I need to get an idea what is replicated where …

I just tried with an item in the global inbox replicated to two other groups inside the inbox. All were synced and deleting or moving was also reflected on the device after a sync.

Now that’s weird … last time I looked I was missing many replicants, but now everything I check seems to be there, in all the relevant groups. I sync a lot of documents, though, but just can’t reproduce the behavior any more (which is good!).

Might there be a connection with my recent update to DTP 2.0.7? Or am I getting old? korm, could you supply an example?

Well, thanks for trying. If I notice missing replicants again, I will first make a screen shot and then let you know.

In the following example, it is the group “First Level” that is replicated to the Mobile Sync group.

On DTTG (version available today on the App Store) the instance of “Third RTF” that is a peer to the “Second Level” group in the hierarchy does not appear.